Edelweiss Editing is a freelance professional copy editing business.

Our mission is to help our clients produce clean and bright communications - which is why we selected our name Edelweiss Editing. Who hasn’t seen the Sound of Music and been moved by the Von Trapp family singing “Edelweiss” as their farewell song prior to their escape over the mountains? Just as that beloved flower is described in the lyrics, we want your copy to be clean and bright. Always.

With over 25 years in the journalism and PR field, let us take the red ink out of your communication needs, no matter how small or large the project may be. Whether you need proofreading, copy writing, editing, or just another set of eyes on your work, we can help you to reach your goal of the mountain top of success.

So say goodbye to the status quo.

Please say hello for a free quote. We’re happy to chat.


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